Virgin Coconut Oil

Made by Fermentation
No Heating & No Chemical Added
Abundance of Vitamin E
Abundance of Lauric Acid
Unwanted Fats Removed Through Fermentation


  • To Stimulated hair Growth and as a natural deep Conditioner
  • Stops hair damage and breakage Softens the hair
  • Serves as natural skin moisturizer
  • Used as body lotion and massage oil
  • Rich in vitamin E
  • As Anti-aging skin cream
  • Excellent as body lotion
  • Used in Cleaning of newborn meconium(earliest stool)
  • Helps with treatment of Diaper rash, Candida, Cradle Cap and Yeast (fungal) infection
  • An Edible oil used for cooking, frying and baking
  • Serves as an important source of energy in the diet
  • It is cholesterol-free, trans-fat free and Heart-healthy
  • As a carrier oil for other hair and skin products
  • Kills bacteria in teeth through oil-pulling
  • Its antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it excellent for wound care