Coconut Oil

It Controls Weight
Boosts Metabolism
Supports Immunity
Slow Skin Aging
Aids Blood Sugar Regulations
Aids Cholesterol Regulations


  • To Stimulated hair Growth and as a natural deep Conditioner
  • Stops hair damage and breakage Softens the hair
  • Increases H D L cholesterol level and it helps to reduce cardiac diseases
  • Reduces hair fall and dandruff
  • Helps to reduce diabetic issues
  • Because of no added chemicals it can use as baby oil
  • Softens sin and boost up immunity
  • Use before and after shave to keep skin soft
  • Daily usage better sleep
  • The finest cooking oil which contains fat which reduces depression, Alzheimer's and anxiety
  • Prevents gum diseases and approved by Indian Dental Association
  • Solution for itching and rashes
  • The best oil for all without age discrimination
  • Relief from Cholesterol, fungal issues and bad breath within 3 weeks of usage