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Coconut is one of the most useful crops of mankind in the plant kingdom because of its multifaceted uses of it products. It is called the Kalpavriksha or tree of abundance. India, the largest producer of coconut in the world is having sufficient raw material surplus. Good reputation is global markets.

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The Four southern states, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh accounted for 89 Percent of the coconut area and 91 percent of the coconut production in the country.


The Coconut provides nutritious sources of Meat, Juice, milk and Oil that has fed and nourished population around the world for generations. Highly nutritious and rich in Fiber, vitamins, and minerals, Coconut clarified as "Functional Food" because of the it provides many health benefits beyond its nutritious content.


Coconut in Traditional medicine and Modern medicine it provides wide range of health benefits. IYYA FOODS developed coconut processing plants based on coconut value, our products are... Read More

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